About Us

STEPPA-1 PRODUCTIONS Mobile DJ Service is a Severn-based company that started over 20 years ago, as a recreational sound system. Since then we have evolved into a sweeter sounding system and have been providing music entertainment at weddings/receptions and various special events.

Our mission is to make you fall in love all over again by keeping the YOU in YOUR event and playing the right songs to take you back to that first meeting, that first kiss (given or stolen), that first embrace, or to the time or place where you first fell in love. We accomplish our mission through working with you, from start to finish, to make sure you have the perfect playlist for your special event. We provide service for the traditional weddings, but would be happy to teleport you off to the Caribbean for a delectable treat of island music.

Our massive music library contains various hits from the 50's to present. Music genres/categories includes, Oldies But Goodies, Motown Oldies, R&B, Rhythm & Soul, various (Chicago 'n' dem) Steppin’, Reggae, Ska, Soca, Calypso, Disco, House, DC Go-Go, Line Dance, various Gospel, various Jazz, Dinner/Lounge music, Background music, Swing/Big Band, Blues, Country, various Rock, Classical . . . and more. 

For additional information please go to https://www.gigmasters.com/event-dj/steppa-1-productions